March 10, 2006

Translation software has come a long way

I received the following letter from a fan in Japan:

Besides it is a Japanese fan at the start.

I am an office worker with a normal housewife.

Your book was useful for me with many troubles very much.

Therefore I want to convey a feeling of thanks and, with translation software, write a letter towards a foreigner for the first time.

Because you are rich, I think that there is not the thing which I can present so.

I thought what it was to have on me.

I take a supplement to call Japanese D balance.

I came to drink this and got well very much.

Though it seems to say diagram bacon in U.S.A., it is what even I who am not a doctor sell it to a person in Japan because it is a supplement, and it can offer.

Is not this terrible?

Surely I do this story though good information will gather to you like a mountain from all over the world because I liked at all your book.

It is my feeling of small thanks.

Thank you very much for Richard Brodie.

This story of you when have like it, is glad.


BadBlood said...

The software needs a patch where it inserts a "Hoy!" at the end of every other sentence.

I had a small toolset that was made in Japan. Under the pocket knife, the plastic case had a sticker that read:

"Knife sharp. Take it be careful."

A co-worker and I would crack each other up by adding that very same "Hoy!" to the end of that warning each day.

Anonymous said...

If the Japanese guy sent you an email with the original Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana. I could translate the message into readable English. If you are interested email me at jayrsone(at)gmail(dot)com and I will see what I can do.