September 13, 2010

Afraid of the wrong things

Politicians control you by inventing things for you to be afraid of, then convincing you to give them power so they can protect you. That's why they invented God, the ultimate protection racket. Behave like they want you to or else you'll be tortured for all eternity. And pay no attention to the man behind the curtain molesting the altar boy.

Second to God is the foreign enemy. This one's trickier because they really exist. But to put things in perspective:

Residents of USA who in the last 10 years:
Died of heart disease, cancer, and stroke: 12 million
Died in accidents: 1.2 million
Died of the flu or pneumonia: 560,000
Died at the hands of terrorists: 3000
Died because imaginary sky daddy decided to kill them and torture them for eternity: 0

So may I humbly suggest that there are a lot of people afraid of the wrong things?

Get your flu shot, put your phone in your pocket when you drive, and don't get fooled again.