August 8, 2006

Where did those chips come from?

The total chip count reported in PokerWire for the final 27 players in the 2006 WSOP main event is 88,246,000. That is 516,000 more than the total starting chips for 8773 entrants. It is impossible that so many chips were added simply due to rounding up in chip races.

If the PokerWire chip count is accurate, where did the extra chips come from? That is some serious cheating.


BadBlood said...

Is there any data available to document the number of players left at each color up? If so, a small statistical analysis could determine the range of acceptable chip increases aggregated to the current level.

StB said...

Even better, why aren't they using the poker chips with the computer chips inside of them (RFIDs?). Then you could track them from table to table, correct?