August 24, 2006

Paul, we'll miss you.

In my first year on the circuit there was a smiling, white-haired young man carrying a hand-held camera taking shots of me every time I went deep in a World Poker Tour event. I got to know Paul Hannum, head cameraman for WPT, and whenever we would meet he would say he thought this might be my tournament. I never did make a WPT final table but it was nice that he believed in me.

Paul suffered an untimely death recently, leaving his fiancee and unborn child. While his passing saddens me and all who knew him, his family is in need of support. Gavin Smith has put together a benefit tournament at the Bike on Aug. 29th at 7 p.m. The buy-in is $1000 and all proceeds go to Paul's fiancee and their unborn baby girl due in October. RSVP to

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