July 29, 2006

The main event: on to day 2

I finished a very frustrating day 1 of the WSOP main event with 13,750 chips, up from my starting stack of 10,000. I reached a high of 21,600 but then started a roller-coaster ride that brought me down to 5500 before regaining momentum. I play day 2 on Tuesday so I have a few days off to relax in Vegas. We already redrew for tables and the only known player at my new table is Tony Ma across the table from me. Almost 2/3 of the field will have been eliminated by the time we start on Tuesday.

My buddy Matt Maroon has 80k already but my other two Matts (Matros and Hawrilenko, the latter at my starting table) are out. I also eliminated another Matt (Keikoan).

The game is afoot, ladies and gentlemen.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck, QL. I'm playing today (1C).

Chris Danek