July 1, 2006

I'm deep

With 39 players out of 800+ left in the $2500 WSOP Six-Handed No-Limit Hold 'Em event, I've got 30,800 chips, somewhat below average but still in fine shape with the excellent blind structure of the event. I have a tough table with Mike "The Mouth" Matusow two to my left, Russ "Dutch" Boyd with a mountain of chips two to my right, and the other three all good players. There is no table redraw so it's the same crew tomorrow. We resume at 2 p.m. Stop by the Rio, cheer me on, and get some free broccoli at the Full Tilt suite.


Anonymous said...

Good luck, it was a pleasure playing with you. David

Bag said...

Hey Richard,
During Day 2, you had commented to me that I should read your blog (surprised that I had read Maroon's and not yours). So I did. Congrats on the deep run. I ended up getting 10th after loosing a couple big pots to Dutch.
- Zack

Paul "BigBuffet" Smith said...

Congratulations on your run. We were at Table 151 for quite awhile (I was in seat 1).

Great website! Will be buying your books. Hope to play against you again this summer.

Paul "BigBuffet" Smith