January 7, 2006

Announcing cashback and comps for Full Tilt players

Special deal

One of things I have wanted to do for some time is give my readers a special deal at my favorite online poker room, Full Tilt Poker. After working for several months on a deal with one of the top affiliate managers in the business, I am excited to announce a great program for new accounts on Full Tilt. If you have previously signed up through my link, you can also get in on this. Here's the program:

  • 25% rakeback (25% of Full Tilt's revenue from you rebated back)
  • Special contests and freerolls with cool prizes
  • Ongoing comps and incentives for regular play
  • Personal host to help with questions and problems

If you do not yet have an account on Full Tilt, go to www.ultimatepals.com/liontales to sign up and receive your comps and rakeback. You must sign up through this link in order to get the comps and rakeback. If you sign up some other way there is nothing I can do about it.

If you have previously signed up through my link you can still join this program. E-mail David at admin@ultimatepals.com and he will get you set up. David will be your personal host. You can email him or send him instant messages (BluffingDavid on AIM or Yahoo).

I realize many of you play at several different card rooms, which is one reason I went with these folks. They have similar deals at other sites all managed from the same place and through the same host. You can sign up with any or all of the sites through www.ultimatepals.com/liontales and get a great deal. In all cases, you must not previously have had an account with the site.

Go to the WSOP on me!

As the first step in the comp/incentive program on Full Tilt, anyone who signs up through my link and who accumulates 90,000 Full Tilt Points by June 1 will get a comp to the first event of the 2006 WSOP. This is in addition to your 25% rakeback and you get to keep the 90,000 points, enough to buy three custom sports jerseys and more! These points need to come from raked games or tournaments. Once you have you reached the 90k threshold we will award you the package (package value is $1800).

I am very excited about this and I hope you all will be as well.

Email admin@ultimatepals.com with any questions and tell them Quiet Lion sent you.

Again, to get this deal you must sign up through this link: www.ultimatepals.com/liontales

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