November 23, 2004

On-Line Lion

Sixteen Dimes

I entered the UltimateBet satellite tonight for the upcoming $15,300 event at Bellagio and, lo and behold, I topped the field of 99 to win the entry plus $700 for travel expenses. The entry fee was $320 so I'm freerolling the main event next month. Everything went right tonight. I won most of my coin flips, cracked Aces, made my flush draws, and got the cards when it came down to heads-up play. Winning is nice.



me_notyou said...

congratulations rich. i got a feeling this is gonna be your event.

BadBlood said...

Nice work getting that freeroll, that's always pleasant knowing the tournament fee is covered.

FYI, there is a poker bloggers tournament being held in Vegas on December 11th - details here:

and here:

I'm sure all of us non-pro poker bloggers would be honored to have you present, playing or otherwise. So far it looks as if Charlie Shoten, Tom McEvoy and Ron Rose will be there.

Unknown said...

Wow! Nice job on getting the entry.

Are you going to use the "travel expenses" for a nice dinner? :D