October 7, 2011

Tribute to Steve Jobs

A film made by Apple employees for Steve Jobs' 30th birthday, with an appropriate Bob Dylan song as a sound track, is a fitting tribute today (h/t Harry McCracken):

Not many people realize how much we loved Steve at Microsoft back in 1983, when we were secretly working on Microsoft applications for Macintosh. I was invited to the Mac launch party in Cupertino and remember Steve Jobs as the most captivating speaker I had ever seen. But we were so much older then.

Few men leave a shadow as long as his. Goodbye Steve.


Anonymous said...

Unrelated but was curious now that Harrahs is a public company if you buy a stgake in the company could they still force you to be 86'd? After all dosent a business owner have a right to support/check their business no matter the amount they own?

Richard Brodie said...

Ha...nice angle. I hadn't thought of that.