April 26, 2008

Is the end of prohibition finally around the corner?

My friends are often surprised when I tell them my #1 political issue is repealing (drug) prohibition. Since they know I don't do anything stronger than Tanqueray 10, they are often puzzled. This piece in the LA Times outlines the arguments well.


themaroon said...

Though I agree with the first argument, I think the second argument, with it's many logical flaws, is the more popular one in this country and while we'll never see anything other than maybe marijuana for sale at CVS.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. Not sure I entirely agree with the stance. I think it works well in principle but would be impossible to put into motion. Thanks for posting interesting articles like these.

Anonymous said...

Is continued blogging around the corner also?

Anonymous said...

Hey - I noticed you haven't made any posts lately on this site. Have you moved to a new blogger address. I enjoy your articles, so just wanted to check in and see if you changed homes??

arjun said...

Hey Richard, I stumbled upon your blog via the 'memetics' wiki page :-)

I also just read this interesting article in the Economist along the same meme:


Hopefully we'll see some real change to our drug policy during this administration's term.