December 12, 2005

Another Day, another Nickel: $500 UPCs at the Plaza

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Brooklyn Dan

There were 55 entrants in the next Plaza $500, and I had a lovely starting table, seven, seat five, with only "Brooklyn" Dan Pugliese a recognized opponent. They immediately broke the table and put me at table 11, seat four, with Internet pro "Viffer" in seat seven, Craig Gray, an up-and-comer along with his twin brother Jason, in seat one, and Men "The Master" Nguyen, who showed up thinking this tournament was televised, in seat two. Max "The Italian Pirate" Pescatori then came into seat three. I was just above even at 1575 at the end of level three, then got it in with Ace-Jack suited against Ace-King offsuit and was out of the contest.


I drew table eight, seat nine for the next Plaza $500 event, which drew 68 entrants, and got Jenny Kang in seat three, David "Chico" Levi in seat four, and Rick Fuller in seat seven. I dribbled my starting 1500 down to 1250 when they broke the table and moved me to table seven, seat six. Max "The Italian Pirate" Pescatori had seat four but otherwise I knew no one at the table. Max busted right away, leaving me to chip up to 2625 thanks to my pocket Queens holding up against Ace-Jack suited. Then they broke that table and moved me to  table 16, seat eight, where Renee Wexler had seat one. I lost a couple small pots and was down to 1825 at the end of level three.


When we returned I got nowhere and had 1425 when they broke yet another table. This time I was at 15, seat four. I jammed with King-Queen and ran into Cowboys, putting me out of the contest in 34th place. I bought in for tomorrow and enjoyed the beautiful desert winter.


Clint Baird and I had an exact repeat of out steak dinner at the Luxor and then walked over to MGM to play a little $2-5 no-limit Hold 'Em. I made a great call with pocket Tens against an opponent who put me in preflop with Nines but he sucked out on me. I rebought and bluffed a flush draw against a tight player who happened to have flopped a set of Cowboys. I hit the flush and got back almost to even before we called it a night.


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