September 14, 2005

Lion and Man: $3100 UPC II No-Limit Hold 'Em

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All in, all out

Today's $3100 event drew 30 entrants and I drew table 16, seat one, the exact scene of last night's debacle. Pete Lawson, the young gun, sat across from me in seat seven and came out firing. Fellow Full Tilter Allen Cunningham had seat nine on my right, and Melissa Hayden arrived a half-hour late in seat six. Right away I made Fours full versus the nut flush and chipped up to 15,500 from my starting 9000, down to 14,400 at the first break. Then I got nothing for a long time and my stack dwindled back to 9600 when we redrew at 18. I stayed at table 16 but moved to seat nine. This was a tough table with David Singer in seat two, Gavin "Birdguts" Smith in seat three, "Gentleman" Bill Edler in seat five, and Kevin "The Man" Chan in seat seven. I was down to 7750 at the next break with 15 left.


I picked my spot and got it all in with pocket Tens versus The Man's pocket Sixes but he hit his set and I was out of the contest in 10th place.


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