August 20, 2005

The Tough Get Tougher: UPC II $3100 No-Limit Hold 'Em

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Yesterday's defeat had taken the chip off my shoulder and I bought in with some trepidation, seeing even more big names in the room. But this was the season of the Lion so I plunked down $3100 and sat with the field of 60. I drew table six, seat eight, and it was déjà vu all over again with me sandwiched in between Hoyt Corkins in seat six and Chris Bigler in seat eight. I filed a formal protest with the tournament director but he thought I was joking and blew me off with a smile. Besides those two big boys, "Syracuse" Chris Tsiprailidis was in seat one and John Phan had seat two. Right away I ended up heads-up with Chris Bigler with pocket Tens on a board of Nine-Trey-Deuce rainbow. I check-raised him and he called. The turn was a Five. I bet 1800 and he moved in. Against most opponents I would have folded but Chris had been bullying me every time we had played together and I decided to make a stand with my overpair. He turned over Ace-Four offsuit for the gutshot Straight and I was out of the contest.


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