July 10, 2005

Binion's Revenge: 2005 WSOP Event #24, $2500 No-Limit Hold 'Em

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The Voice

I took a day off while they played Seven-Card Stud and entered the next TV event, the $2500 No-Limit Hold 'Em tourney drawing 1056 players, which I guess made this a smallish event. I got table 139, seat two, and found the well-known Internet player Bo "Legato" Sehlstedt on my left in seat three. He busted out quickly but was replaced by another top pro, Barny "The Voice" Boatman, who provided analysis for the pioneering poker TV show "Late Night Poker." Barny got short stacked and when I called a late raise on the small blind with pocket Eights he tried the squeeze play and moved in. It folded to me and I said, "OK, I'll give you a loose call." I had heard Alan Goehring say that once and thought it sounded smart. He shook his head and said, "I didn't know you were that good," turning over Ten-Six of Hearts. I flopped an Eight and he was out. I was up to 3700. Then I raised from middle position with Jack-Ten of Hearts and got called by seat five. The flop came Nine-Four-Four with one Heart. I bet out and he called. Then another Heart came on the turn and I decided to continue the bluff, betting about half the pot. He called again. Now I was worried I was up against a monster but I thought it more likely he had something like pocket Sevens or Eights. The river was perfect: the Deuce of Hearts. I decided to bet half my chips and fold to a raise. He called and mucked when I showed the Flush. I was up to 6075 and had 5700 at the break.


When play resumed I got it all in preflop with Ace-King and ended up chopping against the same hand. Then I got it all in with Ace-Queen of Spades against pocket Jacks when the flop came low with two Spades. With 15 outs twice I had the best hand and caught my card on the river to chip up to 9150. Robert Blechman came into seat five. I went to the next break with 9950.


Then Dustin Sitar came into seat seven and caught a rush, accumulating a huge stack. The guy next to him in seat eight had an even bigger rush and was busting people right and left. I went card dead and failed in my steal attempts, bleeding down to 5935 at the dinner break. I drove to Caesars and had a quick bite at their food court.


When we got back, with 200/400 blinds and a 50 ante I got a gambling hand, pocket Jacks in second position. I was here to gamble so I made it 1000. Seat three on my left called and the flop came King high with two low cards. I bet 2000 and he moved all in. I studied quite a while and decided to fold. He told me he had King-Queen. Adam Green came into seat 10 with a nice stack. Then two hands later I was the big blind and before anyone could act, the short stack in the small blind said, "All in," out of turn. Well, it folded to him and sure enough he moved all in. Getting better than two-to-one I called blind. It turned out I had King-Queen suited and he showed Ace-Ten. I made a Flush to bust him and was back up to 4525. Then I called a late-position raise by a short stack with Ace-Jack offsuit in the small blind. He showed Eight-Seven and didn't improve so I was up to 7300. I tried a steal that didn't work and was down to 5600 at the next break.


Then Parker Binion, who called his side of the family the "black sheep" because they were lawyers and not gamblers, moved his short stack in from early position. It folded all the way to me in the big blind. He had me covered slightly and I called with Ace-Queen offsuit. He flipped over Jack-Ten suited and flopped a Jack to put me out of the contest 140th.



Mattster24 said...

Hey, this is Matt whom you just busted at the Ultimate Poker Challenge 1.5k event. You had a set of twos and I had the flush draw with 85 after reraising when you raised my big blind. I am wondering who was in the 9 seat, seen him a few times, but still don't know his name, thanks. He was next to John Murphy.

Richard Brodie said...

David "Harpo" Levi I believe.