June 25, 2005

The drubbing continues: 2005 WSOP Event #9, $2000 No-Limit Hold 'Em

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AK sucks

I plunked down another two dimes to enter the $2000 NLHE event and drew table 58, seat nine, in a rollicking field of 1403. Paul Darden was in seat two and Gary Bush in seat five. I played some small pots and went to the first break with 2070. Then seat eight completed his small blind and I rapped pat with Six-Five offsuit. The flop came Jack-Six-Six. He checked and I bet 150. He made it 400 and I called. The turn was a Deuce and he bet 800. I moved in and he called, showing Ten-Six of Spades. I lucked out when the river was a Jack and we split the pot. Then I opened in the cutoff with Ace-King offsuit. Paul Darden called on the big blind. The flop was Ace-Ace-Four with two Diamonds. I made a weakish bet of 350 and Paul moved in. I called and he showed two Diamond rags. The turn was a diamond but the river was a Four, giving me a Full House and crippling Paul. I was up to 3850 and went to the next break with 3175.


As soon as I got back, I moved in over the top of an early position raise with Ace-King but seat 10 woke up with King-King. I didn't hit my Ace and I was out of the contest in 470th place.


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