May 13, 2004

Expensive entertainment: The $2000 WSOP Pot-Limit Hold 'Em Tourney

Over the top

There were 324 entrants ponying up $2000 each for the red-headed stepchild of No-Limit Hold 'Em, making the prize pool just under $600,000 after the 8% juice. I drew a lovely table with David Grey the only top pro, and he two seats to my right. I won a small pot and then raised in late position with Ace-Nine of Spades. I got a call on the Big Blind and the flop came Eight-Five-Deuce, two Spades. I bet the pot, 200. My opponent made it 600. I counted out my chips. Curiously, I had exactly enough to reraise the pot: 1400. With the Nut flush draw and two overcards I was the favorite if he had a Pair. I was hoping he would lay down something like Ace-Eight or pocket Sevens and even if he had flopped Two Pair or a Set I still had outs. He called and turned white when he saw my hand – he had King-Ten of Spades, giving him only six outs and me 10 redraws if he hit. "Don't worry," said David Grey, "you can still win with a King or a Ten." A King came on the Turn and I didn't hit an Ace or a Spade on the river so I was out of the contest. I thanked David for pointing that out and wished everybody good luck. That 15 minutes of entertainment cost $8000 an hour.